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Peoria Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are facing criminal charges of a misdemeanor or felony nature, or if you're currently the target of a pre-file investigation, it's absolutely imperative that you act fast by contacting a Peoria criminal defense attorney from the Johnson Law Group. Our team of former prosecutors have over 100 years of combined experience in the Illinois criminal justice system and we are committed to fighting hard to protect your freedom and your legal rights.

Our prosecution experience proves invaluable during negotiations and trial since we have extensive insight into the prosecution and can anticipate their moves ahead of time. We know what the prosecution wants and we also know how and where to search for flaws in their case, and this formula is always used to our client's advantage.

The Johnson Law Group is located in Peoria, but we are proud to serve residents of the following areas with their criminal defense needs:

Whether you have been arrested for DUI, a sex crime, white collar crime, or a drug offense, we can provide you with tenacious and aggressive criminal defense representation. We also represent clients who have been charged with homicide or a juvenile crime, and we assist clients who have been wrongfully convicted by helping them file an appeal.

Why the Johnson Law Group?

When facing criminal charges, you cannot take the situation lightly or rely on the hope that the truth will set you free. All too often innocent men and women are convicted by a jury of twelve based on circumstantial evidence alone, and you don't want to take a chance of this happening to you.

When your freedom, your future and your fate are in the hands of law enforcement, you need a Peoria criminal defense lawyer who is committed to getting your charges reduced if not dismissed altogether. Unlike an overwhelmed public defender that doesn't have the time or energy to give your case the attention it needs, we are invested in your future and will stop at nothing to obtain a favorable case result given your unique set of circumstances.

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  • Over 100 years of combined experience in Criminal Law.

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