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Pre-File Investigations in Peoria, Illinois

Retain our criminal defense lawyers when you learn you are being investigated.

If you have learned that you are being investigated for involvement in a crime, one of the most important things for you to know is that you have a right to be represented by a Peoria criminal attorney. In fact, it is not only desirable to hire a lawyer to represent you, but it is also vital to the potential success of your case that you do so. Without having an experienced attorney on your side, you are at risk of making statements or taking actions that could incriminate you.

Everyone knows the phrase, "You have the right to remain silent," but you might be surprised to find out how many people willingly give up information that serves as evidence against them, many even going so far as to confess. Don't make this mistake! Hire a proven defense attorney as soon as possible to speak on your behalf with the authorities and to help you seek to resolve this situation with a minimum of damage to your reputation and career.

Retaining legal representation during the pre-file investigation phase is critical because your lawyer can help you avoid saying anything that could be used against you at a later time, even if you think it's something innocent or mistakenly believe that it could help your case. Suppose, for example, that you have been charged with a sex crime such as rape or sexual abuse. You might think that you can resolve the situation by agreeing to talk with the investigators so that you can explain your side of the story.

If, however, you state that you did have sex with the alleged victim but that the act was consensual, you have admitted that you had sex with the alleged victim, whereas before the prosecutor would have had the burden of proving this element of the case. It is not safe to talk about the case with anyone, including the alleged victim, except your attorney.

The police sometimes use a pre-text call, which involves having the victim call the suspect to demand an apology or explanation while the call is being recorded unbeknownst to the suspect in an effort to get the suspect to divulge details about the case or admit culpability. Instead of making such grave mistakes, refer any requests for contact to Johnson Law Group as your legal representation.

How a Peoria Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

By hiring a defense attorney early in the investigation process, it is often possible to have the entire situation handled without going to trial. Your attorney may be able to resolve the matter by speaking with the investigators and clearing up confusion, such as if you have been mistakenly identified as the suspect in a homicide or robbery case. Even if it is not possible to halt the investigation, your attorney can still seek a better outcome by negotiating with the prosecutor for a favorable plea bargain or move to have the case dismissed by demonstrating errors on the part of law enforcement.

In the event that the prosecutor is determined to move ahead with the case, your attorney can appear with you in court and seek to help you avoid an arrest and time in jail. There are many ways to approach the problem of being targeted with a criminal investigation, but the one thing you must do is to hire an attorney without delay.

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