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Tazewell County is located in Illinois and according to the census it was home to more than 135,000 residents. Tazewell County is a part of the Peoria metropolitan statistical area and the majority of its residents live in the suburbs and throughout Peoria. Downtown Peoria has a number of educational, governmental, and medical facilities and is also home to the Peoria Civic Center, the Peoria Symphony, the Peoria Ballet and O'Brien Field.

With a large focus on manufacturing, Tazewell County is home to people from all walks of life and varying educational backgrounds. With its diverse population, residents of Tazewell County get arrested for all types of crimes ranging from DUI to gun crimes, sex crimes and serious homicide crimes.

If you or someone you love is currently facing criminal charges or are the target of a pre-file investigation, we urge you to contact a Tazewell County criminal defense attorney from the Johnson Law Group to protect your legal rights. Whether you are facing charges for an assault or domestic violence, or a juvenile crime or a drug crime, it's essential that you speak with a lawyer from our firm.

Once law enforcement and prosecutors have made their minds up about you, you have to fight for your freedom and your rights. As an American you have rights against self incrimination, a right to legal counsel, and the right to challenge your charges. To give up the fight could forfeit your future and your freedom, and you should never back down when facing accusations of committing a crime.

Former Prosecutors With Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Why trust your future in the hands of an overwhelmed public defender that doesn't have the time to give to your case when you can hire a former prosecutor? At the Johnson Law Group, our team has an advantage of other criminal lawyers because we are former prosecutors.

As former prosecutors we have come to know the local-area judges, prosecutors and courtroom personnel and we have gained an excellent reputation for being tough and aggressive negotiators and litigators. Not only that but we know the prosecution and we know the defense; therefore, we can put this well-rounded knowledge to work to your advantage.

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