Case Results

Case Results

At Johnson Law Group, we take pride in helping our clients find a successful resolution to their cases. Whether it’s a favorable plea bargain, a dismissal of the charges, or an outright acquittal, we do everything we can to ensure that our client gets the best possible result. Past results do not guarantee future outcomes, but we are confident that when you see our track record, you will understand that our team has what it takes to fight, and to win. To see examples of cases that we have handled for clients in the past, choose a category from the menu below:

State v. MC

Oct 2017

Probation and 180 Days Jail When Facing Mandatory Prison for 6 - 30 Years

Our client was charged with multiple controlled drug buys after a police informant cooperated against him, and was facing a mandatory prison sentence for up to 30 years on almost 10 counts on which he could not get probation. To make the case more difficult, our client did it within 1,000 feet of a school, and the drugs involved included LSD. Needless to say, the State wanted prison, and lots of it. Our client was still a young person in college, and we couldn't let that happen. We met, reviewed all the discovery, and formulated a defense strategy to improve our client's position. This began with getting him out of jail when his bond was very high, and getting a judge to approve his travel out of the county and out of the State of Illinois. Result: our strategy worked; our client was sentenced to probation and 180 days in jail, but never went to prison! Although we would have liked to avoid jail, 180 days jail vs. 6 years in a minimum prison sentence is far worse.

State v. TQ

Sep 2017

A recent client of ours was desperate when she was arrested for DUI. She hired us and we went to work to fight for her. Pouring through the reports and squad car video we found that the police had violated her Constitutional rights. We immediately filed motion to suppress the illegally obtained evidence. After a contentious hearing, we prevailed in proving the illegal actions of the police officer and the judge ordered all the evidence thrown out. The State immediately dismissed the entire case. At JLG we have the experience, know how, and temerity to fight for our clients.

State v. O.H.

Aug 2017

Felony PTR & DUI Dismissed

Our client very narrowly avoiding going to prison for a long time on his Class 3 Forgery case, because we were able to convince a judge that he deserved a shot at probation at a sentencing hearing. 3 months later, a Petition to Revoke (or "PTR") was filed seeking to resentence our client on the felony case, because he was arrested on a DUI as well as a Driving While License Suspended offense. (A felony PTR is judged using a very low civil standard burden of proof, even though it is filed in a criminal case, and this makes them almost impossible to beat.) To make matters worse, our client could have been charged with a felony DUI because his license was suspended at the time of the offense. Obviously, our focus had to be on both beating a felony PTR, so that we avoid prison and beating the DUI, so that our client did not wind up having his driver's license revoked. We formulated a strategy to beat the cases, and in less than a year, were successful: both the felony PTR and the DUI were dismissed entirely! Our client never went to prison, much less served any jail time, and his license is not revoked!

State v. RC

Jul 2017

Our client came to us after he and his friends had broken into a building owned by a university. Minutes after breaking things in the building, police arrived, and everyone hid. In the end, everyone was arrested, and our client was charged with two Felony offenses, and a misdemeanor. We got to work, coordinated with our client's friends and their attorneys, and developed a strategy that would get everyone off. In less than 3 months, our client pleaded to a Class B Misdemeanor offense, and was sentenced to supervision, which is not a conviction. In addition, he never went to jail, he did not have to do any community service work, he did not have to do any counseling, he did not have to pay a lot in either a fine or restitution, and, for all intents and purposes, has nothing on his record!

State v. RN

Jul 2017

Our client was stopped for 2 traffic offenses, and arrested for Driving While his License was Revoked. His car got searched, and the cops found 2 different pills that were both controlled substances. Our client wound up facing 2 Felony charges because of the pills, and a Misdemeanor for license offense. Needless to say, the State wanted a substantial punishment, including a felony conviction, all because our client had prior misdemeanor offenses on his record. We got to work, strategized on the case, submitted substantial documentation to the State, and put our strategy to work, and in practically no time at all, we got the best possible outcome. Result: 1 felony was dismissed, and our client received Second Chance Probation, which is not a conviction, on the other felony, not to mention only had to perform community service work on the license offense! Our client never had to serve jail, never had to pay thousands in discretionary fines, and is a free man today!

People v. R.A.

Jul 2017

The client came to our office after being disappointed with his lawyer and while fighting his 3rd DUI which involved a child under 16 in the vehicle and where the defendant blew twice the legal limit. When JLG entered into the case it had already been ongoing for over a year and the offer was and had been 4 years prison and a $25,000 fine, not to mention all of the other conditions like probation, treatment, and community service. After being in the case and appearing at only 2 court dates JLG was able to convince the State to amend the charge to reflect that no child under 16 was in the vehicle, and to reduce the fine from $25,000 to only $1,000. Not only did we save our client $24,000 in fines, but we were able to agree to have our client do just 90 days in jail as opposed to the 4 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. Another win for JLG and our client!

People v. J.D.

Jun 2017

Our client was charged with 4 serious Class 3 Felony offenses; two counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, as he caused bodily harm by stabbing two people with a knife, and two counts of aggravated battery in a public place, because he was outside of the bars in Uptown Normal. To make matters worse our client was already a convicted felon. Of course the State was out for blood and wanted a significant amount of jail, but JLG began aggressively defending the case both by answering discovery with an affirmative defense, and by pointing out the State's weaknesses throughout the long fight of the case. Even after JLG received an offer for probation, which was not good enough for us or our client, we set the case for trial. On the night before trial JLG received an email from the State saying that they were dismissing the case. Ultimately, JLG was able to see our client walk free after being charged with 4 felony offenses!


Jun 2017

Our client, a student at a local university, was accused by a classmate of sexual assault after a party they both attended. Johnson Law Group was retained from the start. The detectives on the case found the allegations were undermined thus leading the state to not pursue charges against our client.


Jun 2017

Our client and a young woman hit it off well at a local fraternity party and spent the rest of the evening together. The next day, the young woman filed a sexual assault complaint against our client. Johnson Law Group was immediately retained. Our investigators worked with the the detective in this case and we were able to show the Sex Assault Task Force that the allegations made against our client were not accurate and completely erroneous.After a month long investigation, the state closed the case with no charges filed.


Jun 2017

While at a local fraternity party, an intoxicated young woman attempted to kiss our client; he made a clear objection that he was not interested in the young woman. The following day our client was contacted by a member of the fraternity who asked if he had been at the party and had contact with this young woman because his name had come up in an allegation of sexual assault by this young woman. After retaining Johnson Law Group and a near two month invesitgation, no charges were filed against our client.

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